Conference and COVID-19 Update April 3, 2020

Even though the conference is not moving forward this year, our exhibitors would still like to let you know what services they offer:

SWPA Gold Sponsor 

With many instructors being asked to deliver course material in an online environment due to COVID-19, APA Publishing is extending its offer of free access to PsycLearn®: Research Methods and PsycLearn®: Introduction to Social Psychology. Instructors in the U.S. may use these products with their students at no cost in summer term classes that start before June 30, 2020. Interested educators should contact their APA Partnership Manager or email
Along with other participating publishers and our distribution partners VitalSource and RedShelf, we are offering digital content free of charge through May 25, 2020.
With APA Style® content in particular demand, librarians might also point their patrons to our free online seventh edition style and grammar guidelines.


Palo Alto University is Northern California's premier school of psychology and counseling, offering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Degrees, as well as life-long Professional Development. Contact the Admissions office to learn more about our programs. Visit or call 800-818-6136 to apply today.   

Hey there, we are sorry to have missed you at the annual SWPA convention of 2020. KCU was looking forward to hearing about your research, telling you a little bit about our program, and helping answer questions about our program or graduate school in general. I would like to invite you to browse through our webpage, which is loaded with a ton of great information about our program and what makes it unique. We offer a Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Doctorate degree that will give our graduates exposure to all of the basic building blocks of clinical psychology as well as integrating an inter-professional education model. We are uniquely nestled within an Osteopathic medical program that allows our students to learn on an inter-professional level as well as train on an inter-professional level. We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions please reach out to us at

Stephen F. Austin State University

Department of Psychology 

Midwestern University PsyD Program

The APA-accredited Clinical Psychology Program at Midwestern University, Glendale Campus emphasizes a broad and general training in psychology designed to be completed in four years of full-time study. Utilizing a practitioner-scholar model, our program will help you develop an extensive understanding of the theoretical principles in the clinical practice of psychology and the ability to use that knowledge in a clinical setting. As part of an interprofessional approach, our training provides opportunities for professional interaction and collaboration with other healthcare professionals through various formal and informal activities such as research forums and community outreach and involvement activities. 

When you choose to continue your education at Angelo State, you’ll have access to nationally-ranked programs ready to help you advance in your career. Our graduate programs can be tailored for a variety of interests in the field of psychology. Increase your knowledge across a broad cross-section of courses through our online applied psychology program; study counseling psychology and prepare to become a licensed psychological associate or licensed professional counselor; hone your research and consulting skills to work effectively in organizational settings in our industrial-organizational psychology program; or develop your research methods in both human and non-human laboratory settings in our experimental psychology program. Our faculty are here to help prepare you for your future, whether you choose to pursue a Ph.D. program or begin your career right away.

People are deeply fascinated with abnormal behavior and desire to understand why people do things that are “crazy.” Movies satisfy this interest to glimpse at abnormality from a distance. However, movies are the primary source of influence that promote myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings about abnormality. If you are ready to assist students (or yourself) in myth-busting by challenging beliefs perpetuated by movies and within the popular culture, then check out Abnormal Psychology: Myths of “Crazy by Drew Curtis and Leslie Kelley.

Founded in 1969, the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), was one of the nation’s first independent schools of professional psychology. Today, CSPP continues its commitment to preparing the next generation of mental health professionals and advocates. Our dedication to ensuring every community’s access to quality mental health care extends from integrated care to inclusive family therapy, and our students and alumni begin making an impact in the communities they serve from the moment they set foot in our classrooms.


Explore our programs and over 40 unique emphasis areas or specializations at .

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