Society for Applied Multivariate Research (SAMR)

SAMR was organized in 1973 to provide a forum for those interested in multivariate methodology and research. Through the years, SAMR has presented a variety of symposia, invited speakers and workshops that have provided instruction and information across a range of multivariate topics that include factor analysis, regression, discriminant analysis, MANOVA, and structural equation modeling.

The Society meets in conjunction with Southwestern Psychological Association’s annual convention. Dues are $30 per year for members and $20 per year for student members.

Any interested persons are invited to attend all of the SAMR events as well as the Annual Business Meeting.

Membership information may be obtained at the business meeting or by contacting the SAMR treasurer.

As one of the affiliate organizations of SWPA, some of you may be unfamiliar with the Society for Applied Multivariate Research. Before diving into updates from the society, I wanted to provide a brief history of our organization. SAMR started in 1973 as an organization of those advancing, practicing, or just interested in multivariate analysis. SAMR is also one of the oldest affiliate organizations of SWPA, and over the years, SAMR has presented a variety of multivariate topics. These include advanced (i.e., scary) topics such as factor analyses, meta-analyses, and structural equation modeling. But, SAMR is more than just multi-scary-ate analysis – in recent years SAMR has run workshops and hosted talks on critically important and practical topics such as reporting multivariate analyses, managing data efficiently, and using R (the free stats software). While SAMR has a particular fondness of multivariate approaches, our broader goal is outreach — SAMR aims to provide a platform for teaching and learning both simple and advanced statistical topics, as applied to psychological research.

Contact Information

President: Julie Schneider (

Treasurer: Jeanne Burdsal (

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