SWPA 2024 Quick Details

Membership and Registration Information

Professional Member


  • Any person who, by virtue of employment, education, and/or professional interests, identifies with the discipline of psychology is eligible
  • Professional members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the association without restriction.


  • $120 if paid by the end of the day (11:59 PM Central) January 19, 2024
  • $130 if paid between January 19 and March 20, 2024
  • $150 if paid on site

Student Member


  • Any student who, by virtue of their educational work and/or interests, identifies with the discipline of psychology is eligible
  • Student members must be able to document their current student status
  • Student  members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the association except holding offices other than Student Representative


  • $70 if paid by the end of the day (11:59 PM Central) January 19, 2024
  • $80 if paid between January 19 and March 20, 2024
  • $120 if paid on site

Cancellation Policy


Individuals who pre-register for the convention may obtain full or partial registration fee refunds.

  • Full refund if requested by February 28, 2024.
  • 50% refund if requested between February 29, 2024 and March 20, 2024.
  • No refund if requested after March 20, 2024.

Guest Pass Policy

  • Guest passes are intended for family members of attendees. These passes are for those who wish to attend a single presentation (maximum 60 minutes) given by a family member. Therefore, the purchase of a guest pass is contingent on the possession of a regular pass.
  • Guest passes are not intended for individuals affiliated with the conference or session presentations.
  • Family members interested in attending a single session may purchase guest passes online until February 28, 2024, at $35 per pass.
  • For onsite guest pass requests after February 28, please visit the registration booth approximately 25-30 minutes before the session you wish to attend. Inform the registration desk staff of your desire for a single "family" pass and the number of passes needed. Onsite guest passes will be available for $40 per pass at the time of the event.

Abstract & Programming Submission Information

Posters and Talks

Abstracts submitted for talks and posters must consist of the following delineated sections:

  1. Problem: Specify the importance of the problem to the current literature
  2. Method: Include the procedure used (Empirical Research) or proposed (Research Proposal) to collect data (as appropriate) where appropriate (not including Theoretical Contributions)
  3. Results: Include the actual (Empirical Research) or predicted (Research Proposal) findings where appropriate (not including Theoretical Contributions)
  4. Conclusions: Include the conclusions of the research and its relevance

Abstracts should include citations but do not include a reference list at the end of your abstract.

Please do not include tables or figures.

Abstracts for regular talks and posters are limited to 500 words.

  • This pertains to the text of the abstract itself and does not include the title or author(s) names

The maximum title length is 12 words.

All talks should consist of an approximately 15-minute presentation.

  • This time should include time for a question-and-answer period.

Poster and Talk Presentation Categories

Empirical Reports

  • These presentations should report original research. 
  • Data collection, analysis, and interpretation are integral components
  • Focused on addressing theoretical and applied issues within the psychological and behavioral sciences.
  • Applicable to both Talk and Posters

Theoretical Contributions

  • These presentations emphasize theoretical analysis. 
  • Data collection is not mandatory.
  • They are aimed at addressing important issues within the psychological and behavioral sciences.
  • Examples include mathematical psychology, statistical methods, meta-analysis, cognitive science, etc.
  • Suitable for both Talks and Posters

Research Proposals

  • Intended to clarify the background and proposed methodology for investigating significant issues in the psychological and behavioral sciences.
  • Please Note: Submissions in this category are NOT eligible for student awards.
  • Exclusive to Posters

Student Award Submissions

  • Student competitions will follow existing procedures.
  • Competitors should submit their work for the graduate or undergraduate competition as appropriate.
  • Finalists will be expected to give talks in which they present their research.
  • Additional information and instructions for student award submissions can be found HERE.

Symposia, Workshops, & Special Meetings


Submissions from individuals (at least two presenters plus the session chair) wishing to present a symposium must include:

  1. A title (12-word max)
  2. A 50-word abstract summarizing the symposium;
  3. A summary of each of the symposium's participants' contributions to the symposium
    • The combined word count of these summaries should not exceed 500 words

All symposium participants must be SWPA members. Priority goes to those symposia that incorporate authors from different universities or professional affiliations.  

Workshops and Special Meetings

Within the available time and space limits, SWPA will provide rooms for workshops and special meetings. Some workshops may qualify for Continuing Education Credit. Contact the Program Chair, Dr. Tom Faulkenberry (HERE), to discuss your request. Workshop length may be 1 or 1.5 hours.

Submissions from individuals wishing to present a workshop must include

  1. A title (12-word max)
  2. An abstract summarizing the workshop
    • Maximum of 500 words
Teaching Demonstrations

We do host teaching demonstrations. All hoping to present teaching demonstrations should follow the workshop and special meeting submission guidelines.

*SWPA symposia and workshops are not required to present research project data.

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